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木村規予香 Kiyoko Kimura
ローザンヌ国際バレエコンクール プロフェッショナル賞受賞。
日本冬季長野オリンピック 開会式イベントのプリンシパル。
マリカ・ベゾブラゾバ モンテカルロ王立バレエ学校留学。フランクフルトバレエ団、シュツットガルトバレエ団(ソリスト)で、モーリス・ベジャール、ジョン・ノイマイヤー、マッツ・エック、ジリ・キリアンなど、著名な振付家の作品を数多く踊る。 その後、ライプツィヒバレエ団へ移籍、プリンシパルとなる。奇才ウヴェ・ショルツの“ミューズ”としてドイツ国内はもちろん世界で高い評価を得る。
また活動はダンスだけにとどまらず、ドイツの新鋭宝石デザイナーGunter Kraussやアパレルブランドのモデル、写真家・篠山紀信とのセッションは「アサヒカメラ」「婦人公論」等で発表されるなど、幅広く活躍する。 その後拠点を日本に移し指導者としての活動を開始。KKインターナショナルの主宰・指導以外にも、大学講師、コンクール審査員なども勤める。
DVD:「ベストセレクション」「モーツアルト大ミサ曲」「春の祭典」 現在、洗足音楽学園大学バレエ科グローバルクラスの講師を勤めている。

Kiyoko Kimura was born in Tokyo, Japan.
She started her ballet training there and continued her studies at the Academie Princesse Grace in Monte Carlo with Marika Besobrasova. In 1982 she was awarded with the prestigious Professional Prize at Prix de Lausanne.
After her graduation in Monaco in the same year she joined Ballet Frankfurt for two seasons. From 1984 until 1988 she danced with Stuttgart Ballet under the direction of Marcia Haydee, in the later years as a soloist.
Uwe Scholz has discovered Kiyoko Kimura at a very early stage of his career. Already during her Frankfurt engagement, in 1984, he created a piece for her, "Quasi Presto" with music my Boris Blacher.
Later in Stuttgart, he choreographed a major part for her in his "The 7th Symphony" (Beethoven). When Scholz became artistic director of The Leipzig Ballet, he asked her to join him there as his first soloist. She became his muse for many years and he created many solo roles for her: among others the more then thirty minutes long Pas de Deux of the third movement of "Bruckner's 8th Symphony" in 2001 and a main part in his version of "Le Sacre du Printemps" in 2003.
Besides her strong affiliation to Europe she has always maintained her ties to Japan. Thus, in 1998, she danced a principal role at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in Nagano. In 2011 she helped to restage Scholz's choreography "Rachmaninov 3rd Piano Concerto" in Tokyo. affiliation In 2013 she has opened her own ballet school, Ballet Studio KK, in her hometown. In addition to this she teaches as a professor for ballet at the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in Tokyo since 2015.

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