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稲垣領子 ReikoInagaki
バレエを木村 規予香に師事
2015年、Broadway Dance Center scholarship を取得しNY研修
Diane Laurensonにシアタージャズの指導を受ける
2013年11月NYカーネーギーホール「USA-Japan Goodwill Concert 」に出演
The Ailey Extension「Summer Showcase 2015」出演
「American Swiss Ballet Choreographer Showcase」出演
日本人で唯一の「New York City Ballet Workout」 公認 Master Teacher Trainerを取得後日本バレエ・ワークアウト協会を設立、studio24主宰
筑波大学大学院スポーツ健康システム・マネジメント専攻にて 「ダンス・バレエ・ワークアアウトのストレスマネジメント効果に関する研究」で体育学修士を取得

Master of Physical Education at National University of Tsukuba.
Previous New York City Ballet Workout Certified Instructor Trainer.
The chief director of Japan Ballet Workout Association (JBWA) Running dance studio and instructing.
A member of Contemporary Dance Association of Japan, International Association for Dance Medicine and Science.
Back Ground
Reiko began her Dance training at the age of 18.
Appeared “USA-Japan Goodwill Concert at Carnegie Hall” “The Ailey Extension Summer Showcase 2015”“American Swiss Ballet Choreographer Showcase” “Dancing with Diane Laurenson in Japan”.
Established own studio “STUDIO24”in 1993. STUDIO24 Performance were held 10 times.
Teaches Jazz Dance and Ballet workout at Shobi University .
Teaches Ballet workout at some of dance institutions.
BUFF BONES(R)Licensed Instructor.
Established JBWA in 2011.(according to be closed of NYCBW)

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