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Masa Kolar
1973年にクロアチア共和国ザグレブに生まれる。 1991年ドレスデンバレエに入団ソリストと契約を結び、1998年ステファン・トス率いるトスタンツカンパニー・キール、 2000年ハノーファーバレエ、2006年リヨンバレエ、2008年アテルバレットにて幅広く活躍する。 2008年以降、フリーランスダンサー、振付家、コンテンポラリー講師としてヨーロッパを中心に国際的に活動している。

Masa Kolar was born in Zagreb in 1973. In her home town she finished the School for Contemporary Dance “Ana Maletic” and in 1991 she was studying on Vlaamse Dansacademie in Belgium. Her professional dance career began in 1986 at the Comedy Theatre in Zagreb, and continued in 1992 in Ballet Dresden (Germany), where in 1995 she gains the status of a soloist. In 1997 she won the Mary Wingman award for special achievements for choreographies of John Neumeier, Stephan Thoss and Mats Ek. In 1998 she joined Thoss TanzKompanie in Kiel, and two years later moved with the same company to Hannover. With the role of Carmen, choreographed by Mats Ek, she toured Asia. Since 2000 she collaborates with Queensland Ballet in Brisbane (Australia). In 2005, 2006 and 2008 she lectures at Scandinaivan Dance Academy in Stockholm (Sweden) and Center for the Arts Interlochen (USA), assists Aalto Ballett in Essen (Germany) and leads workshops in Japan, Germany, Croatia, Serbia and Australia. In 2007 she became a member of AterBalletto in Italy where she worked with choreographers: Maurom Bigonzettijem, Ohad Naharinom, Marcom Goeckom, Ginom Patterson, Andr? Mesquita and Walterom Matteiniem. She assisted to choreographer Stephen Thoss in staging three contemporary ballets and Swan Lake in Queensland (Australia).. From 2006 she works in Zagreb youth theatre as a dance teacher and choreographer and continues her international career as a freelance dance artist. With Zoran Markovic she choreographed ballet “Interval” for the Ballet troup of National Theatre in Belgrade. For Bitef Dance Company she choreographed ballet "Othello" and "Don Juan" (2014). In Zagreb she produced, choreographed (together with Zoran Markovic) and performed the play "BoNeT", "The morning after the night before", and "Broadcasting" shake your booty "". After 2012 she produces, choreographs and performs "The memory of water", "Merry Christmas for naughty kids". “TRIAD” & ''Alie''. For National Youth Ballet in Hamburg she makes three short choreographies and in 2013 she choreographes dance perofrmance "Pour homme et femme" for Ballet troupe of National theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka, Croatia. 2016 she choreographed Bolero for Croatian National Ballet in Zagreb. She received numerous awards: Croatian Theatre Award for female dancer (2008), Austin Critics Table Award for outstanding dancing in Austin (USA), Award for outstanding dancing performance in "BoNeT" in Copenhagen (2010), Audience Award for choreography "Bonet" in Copenhagen (2010), Production award 27. Dance week festival for the performance BoNeT” (2010) and 30th Dance week festival for performance "The memory of water" (2013), Vocational Award from UPUH, and the National theatre Ivan pl. Zajc award “Olga Orlova” (2013).

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